The Biggest Marketing Challenges For Small Businesses


Most small businesses fail in the first year because of various different problems that appear. One of them is the huge struggle that appears in marketing. As a small business it is hard to compete with the big brands. It is important to come up with something that sets the business aside. However, everything should start with understanding the biggest small business marketing challenges that small businesses often face. This is because they are quite likely to happen. Avoiding the following helps you to create a much better marketing campaign.

Lack Of Available Resources

The three resources that are often lacking for the small business are:

  • Budget
  • People
  • Time

Budgets will be lower than what many expect so it is important to always come up with something that would be as cheap as possible while causing the best possible results. Then, when looking at people resources, it practically means that much work has to be done and there is not enough staff available to do all that is necessary. Time problems are related to people problems as you do not have the time you need to do everything related to the envisioned marketing campaign.

Problems Increasing Visibility

When the business is small it is hard to generate buzz and increase visibility. You do not have money to buy high quality content white hat backlinks or run Facebook ads campaigns. This means that in most situations the visibility increases you have are much lower than anticipated.

Always make sure that you conduct a really good research and that you choose the marketing channels that are appropriate for your business. Your goal should always be to obtain the highest possible visibility.

Choosing An Appropriate Social Media Platform

Most marketing beginners think that Facebook and Twitter are those two social media platforms that always have to be used. While every single large company out there has a Facebook and/or Twitter account, this does not mean that this presence is what generates the best possible results.

As already mentioned, you want to maximize your results with a limited budget. This is why you should always think about all the social media platforms you can use. Your goal is to figure out where you want to market. Some channels will be a lot better than others. For instance, if the small business sells designer clothes, you have a higher possibility to increase visibility and generate sales through Polyvore rather than Facebook.

Content Creation

The content that you create for the marketing campaign needs to be of the highest possible quality. For this you need resources. For instance, if you want to create an infographic, a professional designer is needed and someone has to do the necessary research for the data that would be included.

Outsourcing is generally the solution to content creation problems since this would create content at a lower price. Just make sure that the company or freelancer hired is capable of producing content at the quality that is necessary. At the same time, a part of the budget has to be kept for promotion purposes.



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