Types of wooden works


A significant place in the construction is occupied by products and structures made of wood.

Wood is the most common material widely used in various branches of the national economy: in construction, shipbuilding, car and automobile construction.

In absolutely any field, only a master of his craft is a real expert, who is deeply versed in the intricacies and understands all his nuances. The woodworking industry is no exception. A person working with wood must know that the types of wood and tree species are directly related. After all, to date, people know a huge number of tree species, and each of them affects the properties, color, hardness, as well as the quality of the wood obtained from it.

Wood is used to build houses, public and industrial buildings and various structures.

Wood as a material has been used since ancient times. In the normal operation of the structure of wood are preserved for many years.

From the woods built cities, palaces, bridges, churches, etc. Of wood, such unique structures as the spire of the building of the Admiralty 72 m high (Leningrad); The Manezh building, built in 1817 in Moscow, was covered with wooden trusses, which have survived to this day.

The wooden structures in the pre-war period were of great use when the huge construction of industrial enterprises developed. For their overlapping, modern for that period segment and metal-wood trusses, nail beams, etc. were used. for more designs of wood like wood doors, wood table etc here is one post of modern interior sliding doors designs.

During this period, new methods were developed to protect wood from rotting and ignition, which allowed it to be used in capital buildings.

Glued structures have recently been increasingly used in construction. Synthetic glues are glued together by three-layer supporting and enclosing panels made of aluminum, plastics, asbestos-cement, wood, plywood, embroidered seams in prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, fixes various finishing materials, reinforces mechanical joints-welded, riveted and threaded. Very effective application of adhesives in pneumatic, as well as in bearing and enclosing wooden, wood-metal and wood-plastic structures. Domestic industry produces glues that meet diverse requirements.

Wooden glued structures with a long history of application have recently developed on a completely new industrial basis, which is largely facilitated by the huge need for them in industrial, rural, transport construction.

Lightweight, unified glued constructions are of great importance for the construction of oil, gas and other minerals in the newly developed hard-to-reach areas, for the erection of rural industrial buildings and industrial facilities for the chemical industry, as well as for the construction of small bridges and special structures.

source: wooden designs.com


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