Easy Ways To Increase The Current Instagram Following

When Instagram first launched its business in 2010, many businesses often felt that this story telling visual app is not just perfect for their organizations.  But, over the last couple of years, this app has grown to an impeccable rate with over 800 million active users, who are sharing around 80 million photos daily. Right now, the market has multiple companies over here, joining for great results.

Easy Ways To Increase The Current Instagram Following

However, these businesses are facing quite some trouble these days. Whenever it is associated with ways to generate engagement and gaining followers for Instagram, it is becoming a bit difference as they cannot create some of the like-building campaigns that easily.  Unlike Twitter and Facebook, you cannot share links and even feed articles into profile.  However, following some points will help you big time.

  • Time to link up social media accounts:

Before you end up posting on IG account, remember that the IG profile is set up proficiently. Along with the name, website link and a bit of your description or that of the business, you have to link IG account to other social media accounts that you have. It will help friends to know that you are on IG and for you to check which of friends are using IG.

  • Addition of IG tab on FB page:

For those business owners with FB page, you can always integrate an IG tab onto page. You have to link your IG account over here. After you have authorized G to have access to FB, a tab of your IG account will then be created.  It is a perfect way to just drive in some FB fans to IG profile. As the IG page is mainly and only suggested to FB account friends, adding IG feed on page will allow fans to know that you have an IG page and increase the following count shortly.


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  • Feed IG on other social profiles:

Even though messages and tags are not always transferred properly over to other social media areas, but feeding IG images to Twitter and FB can drive users back to IG profile.  Users who had no clue that you are on IG will be able to follow you through these other social media channels. In case you are planning to feed IG images to FB or Twitter, you can always enable option through settings. It means now you can share image on IG, the link and caption of IG photo will then be tweeted to Twitter account. In terms of FB, the caption and image will be added onto FB. But on your post, it will be shown from IG.

Always remember to go through these points first before you end up with the account of your choice. Being on IG will take a completely different turn when you have greater IG following to follow your every move. It is a great beginning to a prosperous business in no time and things will start working in good condition well.

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