Local SEO Marketing

More than 60% people are using google search engine and left 40% are using others search engine. 40% of all searches on Google are local and 60% of American adults use smartphones and tablet to search for local product and service information. So it’s important to optimize your website for local search.

What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO (Local search optimization) or Local SEO marketing is the process of optimizing your website to get more traffic from location-based searching. The difference between local SEO and organic SEO is searcher intent. If searcher queries contain local intent Google shows the local result.

On the Google search engine, you will see 3 types of local results. The first few results are paid and others are non-paid. The name of this non-paid results is local pack, organic or traditional result, and carousel result.
1. Paid Search Result.
2. Non-Paid also called organic or traditional search result.
3. Carousel result.

How Can I See my Site on Paid Result?

If you want to get paid results from the search engine, you need to pay for that result. When you post your ads, you need to select the area or location from where you want to get visitors. The paid results are not related to local SEO marketing. But it is related to search engine marketing (SEM). If you want to get the paid results you need some good budget and You have to advertise with Google using Google AdWords.

How Can I Get free (non-paid) Local Search Result from the search engine?

There are some factors that can help you to get free local search results from the searh engine.

Some of the main factors are as follows

  • Google My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) Like this – Answers Mod
  • Linking Signals
  • On-Page SEO Signals
  • Citation Signals
  • Review Signals
  • Mobile and Behavioral Signals
  • Social Signals
  • External Local Signals.

Now let’s we discuses in details about this important factor of local seo.

How Can I Get Organic Results?

Every local business wants to get the organic result from the search engine and various source like defferent kinds of website and social media. There are some factors that can help you to get organic traffic results from the search engine which you must need to follow. I’m tring to write some Important factor to get organic results for Local SEO.

Important factor to get organic results for Local SEO

On Page Signals or On page SEO – Optimize your site for local search engines. Add your business name, address and phone number on every page of your site. Create city or state page when appropriate.

Link signals – This is vere very important factor for local seo. Build quality backlinks for your website. try to get links from the local chamber of commerce and high authority sites.

External Local Signals – Build citations and optimize location listings through local business aggregators.

Local Place Signals – Create a place map from google map. Crate or claim your Google maps, Bing, Yahoo and Apple maps. See the example of google map from here. https://answersmode.business.site/
Here you will get all information including – map, business address, mobile no, contact information, Business hours and important updates.
So try to create a page like this.

Review signals – Review signal has brought another important significant today. So Try to get quality reviews from your audience/ targated customers and be aware of quantity, velocity, and diversity. But remember, spam review will decre your website rank.

Social Signals – At present, all search engine values social signal. Work for social engagement Engage, interact and build accounts for the different social mediums. So try to share your content as mich as you can on various social media from various places.

Behavioral/Mobile SignalsNow a days, this is the most important factor. because more than 60% people are browsing website from their mobile phone. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and have a good user experience.

Personalization – Continue to build Google business presence, and integrate Google business into the site

External Local Signals – Internet Yellow Pages / Other Aggregators – Name, Address and Phone number consistency, Citation Volume, etc.

How Can I Get Carousel Result

You all know that Google doesn’t show carousel results for all search reasult. So you cannot control whether you appear or not on carousel results. So I will suggest you that try to ensure that you have citations in Wikipedia. Make sure that your images are optimized based on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Finally, follow all of the organic ranking factors.


Hope you have got the clear idea on Local SEO or (Local Search Engine Optimization) example: what is Local SEO Marketing and how it works. from this short article. If you need any help fill free to contact us. If you have any question ask here..